300 Years



Barrington’s long and colorful history includes countless activities with the First Congregational Church of Barrington for all 300 years. Available for you on our website are several booklets researched and written by church members recounting the Pastors, properties, groups and other historical tidbits about how the First Congregational Church has interacted with the town over the entire time. In the”300 Years” drop down menu above: There are stories about many of our pastoral characters in history like Benjamin Balch and The 13th Pastor. There is a history of our all buildings. The concerns of our Women’s groups of the past. How we came to have Barry Bell. And the story of Elmer Wiggin who lived to be 95 and a Deacon of the church for 50 of those years. We hope you enjoy these booklets and if you’d like to join us on a Sunday morning. Your always welcome.